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PEScience Select Protein, Cookies and Cream, 1.9 Pound, 27 Servings

$ 32.99

Phase 1: by enhancing the blend with pre-digested leucine peptides, we allow for blood levels of leucine to spike, which then spikes muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle building
Phase 2: whey protein comes in next and gives your body the other essential amino acids




4 month ago

This is a really solid option for anyone looking for a protein with a *clean* profile. There aren't any cheap amino enhancers that would make for a false protein per serving measurement(This product has been third party tested), it's high quality stuff. What really makes this product so good is the fact it tastes so pleasant while having so few carbs and fats compared to most other powders on the market. I have really enjoyed using this and will probably continue my use of it as it fulfills all my needs/wants from a protein powders.


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